What is Google Adsense Premium? AdSense Premium? and how to get it

Everyone asks about what is Google Adsense and what is its relationship to profit from the Internet, how profit is made from it, what are the conditions for achieving income in Google Adsense, and many of the questions that people ask in search engines and social sites. But the question that many people did not ask is, what is Google AdSense Premium? Is it similar to the regular airsoft, and is there a difference between the premium and the regular. Of course, this is a valuable opportunity for followers and new people to learn about this type of service on Google, the advantages and when you will be approved.


 What is Google Adsense Premium? AdSense Premium? and how to get it

Google Adsense Premium

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. As for what follows, dear followers of Hosting frichi blog for information, technologies and profit from the Internet. Today in the Google Adsense section, we will learn about one of the best profitable services in advertisements on sites that offer imaginary dollars to its owner while providing very wonderful features that are only for a few people in the world of the web. This advertising company is Google Adsense itself, but with different services from the regular Adsense, which you are using now in order to profit from clicks on the site. And when you hear Adsense Premium, do not think that it is a different service from the regular Adsense, and also do not think that it is a tool that is presented to you or a platform different from the familiar platform. That is why if you are interested in the topic and want to access this feature, all you have to do is read the topic carefully on a site that earns from the internet hosting.

Many bloggers create a website or forum in order to publish a lot of information in several fields. Of course, a very large percentage of bloggers create a blog for profit, and this is if we do not say that everyone has the same intention. But in order to make a profit from Adsense and have a respectable monthly exceeding $ 1,000 per month, you must consider the blog as a small child who grows and grows and learns and provides what he has and succeeds and has a vacation and then a doctor and achieve his dream of work. But in order for this child to reach that dream, you must provide him with all the requirements and possibilities from all sides.

Meaning, if you work randomly and do not have any plan on the site and you do not have any tools, ideas, patience, continuity and effort, you will not reach, will not succeed, and will not profit from the site. That is why you should study the matter well and learn the SEO standards and rely on visits to Google search engines more than any platform, and learn what you must do before you take any step on your site.


 Before we introduce you to what is Google AdSense Premium, we will share with you 5 tips to increase profit from Google Adsense, and then we will address the topic that you are looking for, which made you enter this modest content.

1 - Patience and persistence
: many desire to achieve success. But in order to reach this success, you must be patient, persistent, and rely on SEO standards in almost all aspects. As you know, we are now in the year 2022, the competition has become greater in many areas via the Internet, especially the field of informatics and other fields. For this, my beloved brother, my blessed sister, if you want to succeed and earn money, you must be patient, trust in God, continue, rely on the words that people search for in search engines, share your site on various sites in the same specialty, present the new and useful. I am sure it will arrive one day, whether a year or two or more, it does not matter.


 2 - Type of content: The type of content is very important because it is what will provide you with profits. Meaning: the content of cooking, its profits are very weak compared to the content of profit from the Internet. The reason is that advertisers do not offer high prices in the field of cooking and that there are no strong competitors in the advertisements.

3- Targeting an age group: Why do we find that the child’s field always has very low click prices, the reason is that advertisers do not target the content of the Arab child because he knows that the child will not buy or participate and will not be interested in products and offers. That is why you find advertisers targeting the elderly and often from the beginning of 18 years and above with the country and type of content.

4 - Keywords: When you get to know the three rules of profit that we mentioned to you, you must rely on the most profitable and most searched keywords in Google engines. (To search for profitable keywords and more searches from here, adowrds explanation)


 What is Google Adsense Premium? AdSense Premium?

Adsense Premium is just the same as Google Adsense, and many do not believe that it is a second subsidiary of Adsense or that it is a different company from Google Adsense... . However, this name "AdSense Premium", if you have it in your Adsense account, know that God has enriched you from His grace and opened a very, very, very big door for you.

Google Adsense Premium offers you many features that are not found in regular accounts. Meaning it's the same Adsense account with the same information and the same ad code. But Premium is the last upgrade in Adsense. Meaning, you must meet the conditions, and then you will move from a regular account to a premium account.


Adsense premium account price per click is different from regular Adsense click like Mashreq and Maghreb. Meaning, if we say that a click in regular Adsense will reach you, for example, at a price of 5 dollars, in Adsense Premium it will reach 30 dollars. This is just an example and there is no percentage as many professionals claim that it rises to 80% of the profits. The reason is that such information is known only to some employees of Google and those concerned with the matter.

Google Adsense Premium Features

1 - The number of Adsense ads
: Adsense as we know that before it used to say that you should place three banner ads, also three link ads, and also the search engine. But the laws have changed, and the number of ads in the content depends on the number of words in the content. We have mentioned to you in many topics that it is preferable not to exceed three ads, even if you have more than 1000 words.

But with Adsense Premium there is no specific limit for ads per page, you can place whatever ads you want on one page without any problem. Of course, this feature increases the chance of clicks and profit from Adsense.

2- Modification of ads: AdSense punishes everyone who has modified Adsense ads, but with Premium it allows you to modify the Adsense ads as you want, and you can also customize the CSS code.

3 - Continuous technical support
: In fact, if you ask me about the best features in Adsense, I will tell you only that I find continuous continuous support to solve all problems. This is the feature that is offered to you when you have an AdSense Premium account. Constant communication with them will solve all your problems


 4 - High Adsense click price: Google Adsense will increase profits terribly and many times over normal Adsense.

5 - Override the violations: We all know that AdSense prevents and fights pornographic advertisements that violate its policy. But with this service, you are allowed to use content of this type.


6 - Adsense account ban: If you have a premium feature, the word Adsense ban does not have it in the dictionary. Meaning your account will remain forever and ever for life.

7 - Disable the AdBlock ad blocker: There are some applications and programs that hide Adsense ads and cause them to not earn a profit, but if you have an AdSense Premium account, this type of applications will not work with them.

Conditions for accepting the AdSense Premium account:


The conditions for accepting the AdSense Premium account are not easy, dear brothers. You need a very big and continuous effort, and you may or may not succeed. Here you must be the owner of the largest site, neither in terms of content nor in terms of words, the number of visitors, and the ranking is great in Google. You also have a great reputation among people.

What makes me crash for this service is that there are sites that are 100% successful and have great rankings and great visits, but have not yet achieved this condition. But I am not saying that you should give up, but I will offer you the conditions, you and your ability.

Conditions for your admission to Adsense Premium: You must have a monthly visitor rate of more than 20 million, and these visits must be frequent. And you should know that Google is the one who takes the decision to upgrade the accounts of its publishers to this high level, based on specific criteria, including the quality of the content and the superiority of the site in its field and that it is free of violations and that those visits are natural.

Top 5 Tips to Get a Premium Google Adsense Account!


1- You must ensure the cleanliness of your content. You should not steal the content of others or use the transferred articles, because Google does not like content creators at this failed level. Meaning that Google accepts only unique content that offers its own content of high quality, not in terms of content and also the quality of traffic that comes from your site or external sources.

Also, Google does not accept illegal clicks or ads that are attracted by advertising campaigns, while maintaining the balance of the site in publishing and keeping the followers for a longer period.

2 - You must maintain the number of visitors per month, approximately one million visitors and above, because in this way it will rise and rise and rise until you achieve 20 million real visitors. And I know that it is not easy, but the struggle, the continuity, and the trust in God.

3 - You should rely on the content that Google prefers more if you really want to profit more. For this, you must first make a successful start focused on content loved by Google, as well as content of interest to the advertisers on Google.

4 - Keywords: When you get to know the three rules of profit that we mentioned to you, you must rely on the most profitable and most searched keywords in Google engines. The reason is that if you want this service, you must have visits from Google search engines, if the words that people are looking for, you must search for them well and work on them well. (To search for profitable keywords and more searches, click adowrds explanation here).

5- Professional content: You must rely on more than 800 words in one content, but if you want the number of words recommended by SEO experts, which is 1890 words in each content. While maintaining the concept of the topic and with the tags related to the topic.

This is what I can offer to solve this feature of AdSense Premium? And how to get it. I hope you enjoy the lesson, and for more lessons on the same topic, please.

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