Terms of profit from Blogger blogs 2022 | How to link a blog to a Google Adsense account

 Terms of profit from Blogger blog 2022 | How to link a blog to a Google Adsense account

Google Adsense

 Many would like to link a blogger blog to an AdSense AdSense account for the year 2022, there are even many looking for a solution to link Google AdSense with blockspot blogspot without a paid domain, but I will not talk about a blockbot only, I will talk about how to link your Adsense account with a paid domain and a free domain, and also if you have a new AdSense account and an old AdSense account, as well as the conditions for making a profit in Google AdSense, because many bloggers wishing to profit from the internet have a desire to link the site with Google AdSense by virtue of being the best profitable company in the sites, but there are conditions and laws that we will share with you in this blessed lesson .

If you have created a blogger blog and applied all the conditions Google Adsense has set in order to agree to make a profit from the internet, we will now help you on how to link the blog with AdSense in the right way, which I set in 2022, and we will not stop only on adding it and get over it, but we will give you golden tips that will help you in quick approval, God willing, for this we want you to focus fully because it's easy and read the article well because you will come out useful .

 What will we learn about in this topic :

  • Connect the blogger blog with Google AdSense.
  • How to connect Google AdSense with BLOCKSPOT.
  • Connect a new blogger badsense blog.
  • Link to an old blogger badsense blog.
  • How to link Google AdSense with a paid domain.
  • Conditions for making a profit from a blogger blog.

Linking Blogger Blog with Google AdSense

 Linking the Blogger blog with Google Adsense 2021 does not require you to be an expert in profit from the Internet, but what needs you is discipline with the Adsense company, which does not accept any of the violations that it has set in its policy, and we know that many sites commit violations and are approved, but His day will inevitably come from the expression, so you must be careful about all the laws that we will mention to you at the end of the topic if you really have the desire to work as a professional blogger.

How to link Blogger blog with Google Adsense There are three ways, no more.

- The first method is to connect Adsense with BLOGSpot free hosting.

- The second method is to link Adsense with the paid domain COM. NET ... .

- The third method is to link the blog with the new Adsense and the old Adsense.

Of course, we will share with you all the details about these three ways to profit from the Internet within the blog, and we will separate each one with video, images and writing for the benefit, but before you apply them, you will find a topic at the bottom of this post. I will talk about the conditions for profit from Adsense, because it is not only the creation of Blogger blog 2022 means that you will start profiting as everyone thinks, but you must provide it with all the requirements from A to Z, then you will return to this lesson to learn how to link Adsense with Blogger blog 2022.


 How to connect Google Adsense with BLOGSPOT Blockspot

Linking a Blogger blog without a domain with Google Adsense is divided into two parts, the first section is that you have an Adsense account linked to another site or YouTube channel, and the second section is that you want to link it with a new Adsense that has not been linked with any service, and that is the matter Which makes many bloggers upset with it because it does not differentiate between the two in the explanations, so we will share with you the method that will not take you much time because it is a process that only requires you to fill in your information and review and reconcile in advance.

1 . Link an old Adsense blogger blog and used it before

The process of linking the Blogger AdSense blog that was previously linked to a site or channel that does not require you to fill in your information completely because you originally provided them with the information previously when you were working on the YouTube channel or in another blog, for this you just click on linking ADSENSE to the blog and you will wait for the review and it will be done The response to you with approval or rejection, and in the case of review, your free site will not appear in the AdSense Blockspot hosting until it is approved by Google Adsense.

2 . Linking a new Adsense blogger blog

 In order to link a new Adsense blogger blog, you need to provide all your information, because you are new in this field and Adsense is also new and does not contain all your information, so you must also be careful in providing complete personal information and you have not previously written it in Adsense Others completely, because if it is discovered that you have another Adsense account with the same information, it will not agree to you.

When you will enter the profits in Blogger, you will find the link of ADSENSE to the blog, then it will prompt you to add an Adsense Gmail, whether the same Gmail blog or a new Gmail that was previously created and not associated with Adsense, then it will take you to a page in order to write your personal information and be as follows:


1. Achieving more benefit through Adsense: You will choose “Yes”.

2 . Choose your country or territory: You will choose the country in which you have the ID card Such as
canada, Amérique, Australie ou Hollande.

3 . Please review and accept the terms and conditions: You will agree to the terms and conditions with “Yes”.

4 . You will move who started started started until it takes you to a window to fill in your personal information.

5 . You will choose the type of account: Single.

6 . Name and address: Give them line 1 the housing information as it is on the ID card and don't touch line 2.

7 . Postal code: each country and its own postal code, for example we are in Morocco 80000 and in the city in which I reside is 80050.

8 . City: You write the city in which you live.

9 . Phone number: You will add the phone, then it will ask to confirm the phone number, which is sent in an SMS.

10 . Check your Adsense account.


 You will find the full explanation in the first video if you are afraid to make mistakes.

How to connect Google Adsense with a paid domain

If you have a paid domain, it is very different from the free domain block spot when you want to link them to the Google Adsense account, because the paid domain does not require you to request monetization from Blogger directly as we explained to you in the first, but what you will use is to enter Adsense directly and who will You fill in your personal information completely, which is also divided into two parts and is as follows:

Adsense entry

1- If you have Adsense previously, there is no need to write the information because you wrote it in the past, and you only need to add the domain name to the sites in Adsense, I will explain the method to you from the first
You will enter Adsense, then you will find the sites, then you will find to the left of adding the site, then you will add the domain and it will be as follows: such as hosting.com and do not add www, http or https, then save and follow.


It will prompt you to copy the Adsense code and add it at the bottom of the <HEAD> commands of the Blogger blog, and it will be as follows:


 Go to the Blogger blog and then to the appearance, then choose the customization, then you will enter the HTML modification, at the top of the template you will find <HEAD> commands, then at the bottom you will paste the Adsense code in order to review your site whether it meets the conditions or not.


 2 - In the event that AdSense is new, you must only fill in the personal information and then you will add the domain as we explained to you in the first.

Terms of profit from Blogger blog

terms of profit from Blogger 2022 are not different from the policy of Adsense 2022 and 2020, but it is necessary to mention the terms of profit in the Blogger blog to benefit and get out of this topic and you are proficient in the policy of Adsense, for this we want you to focus a little because we will provide you with the conditions with the additions you need In the Blogger blog before the review, which is a must if you want to profit from Google Adsense.


 4 - Exclusive content: You should not completely steal the content of others, and theft indicates that you will not reach anywhere and will not succeed completely, for this you must, my beloved brother, search for topics from other sites and understand the topic and write the article in your own way, with this Google feels that The topic is exclusive and you deserve a good arrangement and deserve attention.

5 - The number of words and articles: Many when they want to blog find it difficult to make a profit, and if we enter into their content, we find that he publishes 10 topics and each topic has 300 words, this person either does not know that the method of monetization in Adsense or is wasted on time Therefore, I advise you, my dear brother, to publish more than 20 topics, and in each topic write at least more than 600 words, and if you want to work seriously, do not go down to 1000 words, and I will share with you a topic on how to write an article with successful and profitable SEO standards.

6 - Images without copyright: You should not publish images that contain copyright, and if you want a site to download images without copyright and licensed in all aspects, I will offer you a site called pixabay with many sites that we will share with you now.

7 - Problems with links in the blog: The links that many bloggers do not rely on have a very big role in making profit from Adsense, and these links are divided into two sections, which are as follows:


 - Link Labels: Labels must contain links to 100% working labels, and anyone who clicks on these labels and sections and finds a non-working 404 link, this alone will cause you a problem in approving Adsense.

- External links link: We are all talking about downloading programs and applications and guiding people to enter the sites ... What is important is when you put any link on the site, it must be working and not free from external links, because when followers click on the link and find it without a link, this is called misinformation.

8- Violating content: Not publishing live broadcasts of games, movies, anime, pornographic films, malware, illegal and stolen programs, directing people to links that contain movies, anime, porn and all stolen programs, and other violations that we will share with you in the AdSense policy.
Adsense help

9 - Proof of site ownership: Proof of site ownership is on the Google Console webmaster site, and this site helps you in many things related to archiving topics and identifying many moves on your site, but the most important thing we have in this third lesson in the profit cycle from Blogger 2022 is how Proof of ownership of the site.


 10 - Domain redirection: Domain redirection must be taken into account more and more because when people ask for income in Adsense they ruin it after reviewing that the domain has a problem, and the whole thing is that he did not redirect from Blogger and also from the place of purchase of the domain, especially Godaddy, for this You must take care of this point.

Example: If you want to type in frichi.com search engine, you must be transferred to the site, but if you were not transferred to the site, you must activate the redirect feature in Blogger.


11 - Activate the content of the ads.txt file: Many after the approval of Adsense and perhaps sometimes in the review are rejected from monetization, and the reason is due to the fact that he did not add ads.txt, so you must add it from the settings in Blogger and you will find the activation of the content of the ads file. txt file and add this code with the pub id.

google.com, pub-10111 00500006 09, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Download ads.txt code from here: https://support.google.com/

In the third session, we will explain to you how to add the site in Google Console, as well as many services in the indexing.

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