How to use a royalty-free video to earn money from YouTube

How to use a royalty-free video to earn money from YouTube

Video clips without rights

Many are looking for royalty-free videos, but the problem is how to use them in the content and not search for them. There are many sites that offer royalty-free videos that you can actually use on YouTube, but after reviewing the video you find a message telling you that you are using previously used videos, if where is the problem?.

In this topic, I will share with you sites that offer free videos and also paid videos in order to make money on YouTube, but before you use them in your YouTube channel, you must read some tips to learn how to use a video without copyright.

So, if you are interested in making money from YouTube by using videos without copyright, you should follow the lesson from the first to the last to understand the complete rule from A to Z, God willing.

Video without rights

There are many videos without rights in the virtual world, and when we say without rights, it is not that you steal the videos from their owner and they are converted for free, no, but the videos owned by the owner of the video have licensed them for everyone, you are like a YouTuber looking for profit from the Internet without appearing, you need To these videos to earn money from YouTube.

When you use videos without rights, you are either the victim or the success, and the victim is the one who is rejected when he requests a content review from Adsense, and the successful one is approved to monetize Google Adsense.

YouTube is looking for meaningful content that carries with it an added value in the content, it does not matter if it is forbidden or halal or a trivial or educational video, what matters to it is not to deviate from its policy, whether in terms of copyright and forum guidelines.

Previously on YouTube, we used royalty-free videos from well-known platforms that actually provide royalty-free videos, and the videos were used in most channels with the sounds of the sea and the wind and with songs..., and YouTube accepted this type of videos and maybe even now if I'm not mistaken.

But I recently noticed that many channels that use video without copyright are bombed by not agreeing to make profit in the review, knowing that they use free video, and also put different sounds in the video, and do not put any music. Where is the reason?

Why are royalty-free videos not monetized

There are many reasons why YouTube refuses your channel in the review, perhaps because you add music and songs in it with copyright rights, and you may have taken a video from YouTube, and many things, which I will share with you and their reasons.

1. Using other people's videos, as this is one of the most serious violations that you steal direct videos or a certain part of an unusable percentage.

2. Using Creative Commons license videos is also considered one of the dangerous videos on the channel. The reason is that the videos placed in the licensed section are not licensed. You must monitor the owner of the channel if he is really the creator of the video, and is he really the one who licensed it.

I do not recommend using it because maybe one day it will make it unlicensed.

3. Using videos outside the YouTube platform in the belief that they will not affect YouTube videos, not my beloved brother, you are also at risk by using external videos because their owner can challenge the content that was presented with evidence that he is the owner of the property.

4. The use of videos without copyright, but unfair use, and this is the topic that I want to talk about after we will present to you the sites that provide video clips without rights.

Download videos without rights

Video clips without rights have become available on many sites, and we have mentioned to you that they are free and you can use them on YouTube and profit from them, but recently we have seen some people being subjected to disapproval because they offer free video, and in fact it is very strange, especially with the YouTube platform that tells you that You can use free videos.

Pixabay is one of the best sites that provide royalty-free videos.

This site offers you a platform to download royalty-free videos for use on YouTube, Facebook and other social sites that support uploading videos. It also offers you to download free images that can be used in blogs, websites, and even social sites.

You will say how this site can benefit from providing free videos and images. Yes, the site benefits from two sides:

1. The site benefits from the subscriptions that come from people who want to download the image size larger, and here we say often benefit from the emails that enter into the email Markotnik.

2. The site earns from istockphoto for selling photos over the Internet, and here it is possible that it earns a percentage or the full profit from it, but how?

-It is possible that istockphoto is linked to pixabay, and the profits are the same, and anyone who buys the company wins.

-It is possible that pixabay earns a percentage of istockphoto whenever someone enters from a link or advertisement on the pixabay site.

- The last possibility is that he makes an announcement for them in return, whether people enter or not.

Pexels offers the same service as any site for downloading photos and videos without copyright, and among the advantages is that it offers photos and videos in the size of social sites such as Instagram and Tik Tok... .

3 . storyblocks

Storyblocks is one of the most powerful sites for selling photos, videos and audio. This site offers you videos for a fee, which does not exceed $30 per month, with the possibility of providing 4k videos.

This site offers you rare videos, and you can use them freely and do not be afraid of them or anything, as long as you are the one who buys the videos, do what you want as you want.

How to use a royalty-free video

If you are looking for how to use videos that do not contain rights, we must first know what type of content you are working on, so I will share with you according to the type of content you provide.

I will only share with you my own experience.

1. Use of royalty-free videos in the stories channels: We often say 0.50% of the channel does not accept copyright review, the reason is because you provide stories with an added value, which is that you use your voice with effects from the YouTube library, and this is in the event that you do not appear in the the channel.

In the event that you appear in the channel, you are 100% working with an added value and there is nothing wrong with it, even if you use those free videos. You can also use clips from YouTube videos related to the content that you provide, for example:

You have a topic about kung fu techniques, so it was necessary to take a snapshot of the movie Bruce Lee, which does not exceed 9 seconds, here there is no problem with reducing the quality of the video and making an animated or blurry background. (This is called fair use).

2. Using royalty-free videos in document channels: As for the free videos on document channels, you need an added value as well. You should include animated images with audio commentary, and you can use clips from other documents that express the movie you are talking about, but As we said in the first, it does not exceed 9 seconds, here there is no problem with reducing the quality of the video and making an animated or blurry background.

3. Using royalty-free videos in nature channels: You can actually use silent videos in which you do not speak, but there are sounds of nature such as the sounds of the sea, wind, rain and thunder, and add related videos, but recently in 2022 I began to notice that some channels are rejected because She owns the video with the copyright.

I think 100% that the one who works in this third way does not know how to add value to the video. Because in order to add videos with the sounds of the sea, you must be an artist and insert a video into a video, with the addition of professional, non-random audio touches.

Topic Summary: YouTube wants you to provide complete and useful content and provide additional value to the content, meaning do not be random in your work, and provide professional content, this increases the quality of the channel and also the value of the YouTube platform.
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