Add admins to Blogger blog 2022

Add admins to Blogger blog 2022

Add admins to Blogger blog 2022

Many blogger in Blogger are looking for how to add moderators in the blog, because many do not have the feature of the forum in order to add people to subscribe and write in the blog and publish articles and exclusive topics, here it is necessary to add moderators either as a writer or an official in full, but there are also many The reasons include changing the email to a new email in anticipation of some problems.

Adding moderators to Blogger blog varies from year to year in Blogger blog, as my experience, which started from 2016 to 2022, things changed a lot and Blogger changed the settings of the blog completely, but in fact these changes are appropriate, but the most appropriate is to change the SEO and provide us with a service Archiving is paid or free, it does not matter, as for changes in the design, these things do not increase or decrease in reality in the blog.

Add admins in blogger

The role of the supervisors in the blog is very important, especially in blogs that are in the field of magazines, news, sports and other fields that need exclusive topics daily, because the news blog needs daily work and constantly publishes news, for this you need a large number of blogger to publish new daily on the site, This is why adding moderators in a Blogger blog is very important for all content makers on the site, but before you add moderators, you must pay attention to some sensitive matters that may cause you problems on the site.

first reason is that you should know who you are dealing with, because as long as he is honorable, his work must be honest and not deceive others.

second reason is that if you add an admin as an administrator, he can permanently delete you and be scammed, so you should add him as an author only and not an administrator.

That is why you should be careful before you start adding others as administrators or authors, because the administrator, as I mentioned to you, will remove you from the blog, and the author has only the power to write.

One of the advantages of adding moderators to the Blogger blog is the addition of an assistant in publishing exclusive articles in the blog, and we all know that the larger the blog, the more work it needs and continuous publishing before the followers disappear and you move to a new, exclusive and better site.

Also, one of the advantages of adding supervisors as an administrator is in the event that you forgot the email password or the email may have been stolen. When you add a supervisor, it means that you are adding a backup account, God forbid, a problem has occurred to the account.

As for the process of adding moderators, in fact, it is very easy and uncomplicated, and you do not need to be a professional in the Blogger blog, so in order to add moderators, you must first be the owner of the blog and you are the official responsible.

How to add admins in blogger 2022

Before we get into the topic, you should know that this site was published on 03/06/2022, the reason is that maybe in the past years the process will change and maybe Blogger will have a new interface in the settings, so you should always monitor the history of topics, whether on sites or channels Even on Facebook, and I personally do not think, and God knows, that it will change to a different form than before.

1. You will enter the Blogger blog and then go directly to the settings.

2. You will scroll down and not pay attention to all the services, you will find the heading "Permissions".

You will find the first section in which there is only one moderator, Hisham Hashem. If you add moderators, you will find moderators, and so on in the "Blog admins and authors" section.

Invite pending authors, don't bother with it because if you invite them and they don't respond, resend might notify the invite message.

What concerns us now in this topic is "Invite more authors" because it is the correct place to invite authors and moderators in the Blogger blog.

3. You will enter the "Invite more authors" and then you will add the Gmail admin or the new author, for example, we say an invitation letter to ([email protected]), and it does not matter if he has a blog in the first place.

After you send the invitation request to ( [email protected] ) he will receive a message in Gmail and then click on Accept Invitation. Then he re-clicks to accept the invitation on a page outside of Gmail, and this is an example in the image.


4. The last stage directly, the author will be in the blog and he cannot act in the settings of the blog or delete any article, but if you change it to a second moderator, he will have complete freedom to act.


It is also possible to delete the first admin, moderator or author only from the X.

And with this, we finish explaining how to add moderators to Blogger 2022
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