Profit from the Internet: the best ways to profit from selling courses online

Profit from the Internet: the best ways to profit from selling courses online

Profit from selling courses

When you finish completing your online course, it is the first stage to start profiting from the Internet, the difficult stage comes, which is how to market and sell the course online.

When you reach the stage of selling courses, you will find different and complex difficulties and obstacles. You will find many platforms that sell online courses in different countries, and the problem that will direct you more is how I will market these courses on these sites and convince them to buy them.

If you are really interested in profit from the Internet and you have experience and information that you want to sell in the virtual world, I will help you to provide you with information and steps to overcome this difficult stage, and I will also provide you with all the information and resources you need in order to sell an online course.

In this article we will provide you with:

  • How to sell courses online.
  • Sell ​​the course on your site.
  • Selling the course on the Course Marketplace.
  • Selling the course on one of the courses platforms.
  • How to market online courses.

How to sell courses online

idea of ​​selling a course online is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet and earn thousands of dollars per month, but in order to start this profitable project, you must be proficient in your work because you will present secrets in these lessons via the Internet.

These lessons are ways to work in a specific field or the secrets of services, for example, we say that there are 1000 people looking for how to succeed in the YouTube channel, you have knowledge and experience that make these people successful in YouTube, so you as a professional in this field must create a course Online, he carries with him all the secrets of YouTube and sells them to 1000 people via the Internet.

For example, you provided information in return, and one course amounts to more than $100, depending on the type of service, so imagine with me only one lesson at a price of $100, multiplied by 1,000 people, equal to $100,000. Isn't this a profitable project? If you are convinced now, we will learn about ways to sell courses online.

first process you must know is the different ways to sell courses on the Internet, and also where will I sell these courses online.

- first method: You can sell the course on your website and personal blog.

- second method: You can sell the course on the Course Marketplace.

- third method: selling the course on an online course platform.

- Fourth method: selling the course on social media.

Now we will explain each one in detail to learn how to market courses on the Internet, which are as follows:

1. Sell the course on your site

Selling the course on your site or blog is one of the best ways to profit from selling lessons because you are free and not restricted by laws, and among the best advantages of profit from sites is that no company can take profit deductions from you from selling courses, and this is of course due to your experience and knowledge in The success of websites, both through SEO and also through the promotion process.

Of course, there are several platforms for creating a website and a blog on the Internet, there is a WordPress platform and also Blogger.., what you must do is to have on the site okay traffic, because without traffic interested in these courses, you will not be able to profit from the Internet.

If you use a Blogger blog, the matter only needs you to bring in traffic, whether from Google search engines or social sites, and if you use the WordPress platform, the same thing, but you can add three plugins that will help you sell courses on your site, which are as follows:

2. Selling the course on the Course Marketplace

We will find this service is the most used by marketers of their courses, and among the platforms that are used, such as Udemy and SkillShare.

reason for taking Souq as a source for selling courses, unlike sites, is that he does not have time to create a site, write articles, follow the SEO policy and other requirements for the success of sites, and for this he is satisfied only with the use of course markets, which take a percentage of the profits behind them.

Platforms, or we say a market for selling courses, includes a very large number of paid and free courses, and there are a very large number of requests for them by those interested, which you buy at different prices.

These platforms help you reach a very large number of professional learners to pay for the courses, and thus you must convince them to buy the courses from you without going out and looking for competitors.

The process of marketing courses on Udemy and others remains the best choice for marketers because the course is accessible to a very large number of participants on the platform. However, there are some drawbacks:

  • first drawback is that the markets take a margin of profits from you, which sometimes reaches 50% of your profits through the platform.
  • second drawback is not to dispose of prices of the courses however you want, meaning you must follow all their conditions and instructions about the amount offered.
  • There are some problems that need to be resolved or inquiries, and it is difficult to communicate with them.
  • It will not let you reach potential students through SEO.

But with all these shortcomings, the course market always remains the most appropriate and best option if you do not improve the traffic on your site and do not have followers.

There are many platforms that offer a market for selling courses, but I will share with you two sites on our irbahnet website:

1 . Udemy

3. Selling the courses on one of the courses platforms

There is a third way, which is to sell courses through a course platform. Of course, there are a large number of course platforms that provide you with hosting and marketing services, with differences between them as we will see.

There are two types of these platforms:

1. Standalone Platforms

Independent platforms provide you with all the hosting services, support, and educational resources needed, with the possibility of providing marketing tools that vary from one platform to another.

One of the advantages of independent platforms is that they open up a suitable place for you to work on your own or as a Solopreneur in order to reduce effort, but there is one drawback, which is that their marketing tools are usually limited.

2. All In One Platforms

The All In One Platforms is the best platform ever, which is considered the most powerful and the best. This platform provides you with all the requirements from all angles to sell courses online, and these features start from website building tools to marketing tools, automation tools and community work for you.

Of course, these platforms differ from platform to platform, not in terms of features, services and cost as well, and in general, these platforms are the best option that suits almost everyone.

most popular platforms for selling courses are:

3. Podia 

4. Kajabi  

How to market courses online

Profiting from the Internet and earning money is not easy except when you study the field you are working on from all angles, as well as the field of selling courses, the same thing in order to double your profits.

In the current era in which we live, if you improve e-marketing, then you are the hero as we say , if you know how to exploit e-marketing channels in the right and proper way, you will make very large profits in the virtual world, and with this experience you will sell a very large number of Courses and check behind them a lot of money.

Among the most important e-marketing channels that you can rely on to market your online courses are:

1. Social media

Social media is the most used for marketing products, services, and sites for profit from the Internet. Social sites have a very big role to promote several things in the virtual world. Rather, it depends on them as a source of daily income, and sometimes without social sites, you will not earn not a single cent often.

These social sites are included in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tik Tok and other sites to attract traffic. But you must choose the appropriate platform for your target audience, for example:

  • If you offer courses in the field of designs and drawing, then it is better to target the Instagram and Pinterest platform.

  • If you offer courses in marketing and sales, LinkedIn may be the best platform to promote the courses.

2. SEO

One of the most important things that you must rely on in websites or even the electronic market is the keywords, you will not sell illusion and fictional stories, but will sell things of courses that people search for in Google search engines and also in websites, so for the success of the website you must It is based on SEO standards.

It is not necessary to create sites for selling courses, but you can create a site in a specific specialty and provide a section or within the content of the courses that you sell.

For example, you have a website for profit from the Internet, and you mentioned a topic about profit from e-commerce, of course the topic contains articles, images and keywords to bring traffic from Google search engines, and in this topic I offered them to buy a course in the secrets of profit from e-commerce, here those who wish to attract them With tags and at the same time buying crochets.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing itself needs courses to learn how to market, as it is one of the most important steps that you must learn to become a professional marketer, as email marketing has a very huge potential in order to achieve great profits.

All you have to do, my beloved brother, is to build a base for you from the emails of your customers and clients who are interested in the niche of your courses.

For this, you must learn well, but we will give you some tips that may benefit you in your work, which are as follows:

You must provide a free e-learning book and mini-courses. Here, in order to take it for free, he must register with his Gmail, and thus you used a process to obtain accounts in the e-mail.
Seminar or Webinar through which you collect emails from your customers.
Market your newsletter in which you benefit your customers, and in time you will find them subscribing to it.
Use sponsored Facebook ads.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to profit from the Internet because it helps you collect a large number of accounts by following the email marketing plan.

process and what is in it, which is to agree with the commission marketer by offering him a percentage of the entire process of participating in your courses that comes from his side.

So for example, if he brings in 200 new students per month, and you earn $90 for each one of them, and you give him $60 for each student - $6,000 - you will earn $8000 without the need to market those courses.

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