Profit from YouTube: How do I earn more than $2000 per month from YouTube

Profit from YouTube How do I earn more than $2000 per month from YouTube

profit from youtube

Profiting from YouTube is one of the most powerful ways that people use in our time to earn money every month, YouTube has become a source of livelihood for a very large number of families around the world, YouTube can be a source of wealth in life, YouTube is not limited to one profit, YouTube offers you money Every month, with all credibility and safety, YouTube has become a future project for a very large number of people.

That is why if you are interested in everything related to profit from YouTube and achieving profits exceeding $ 1,000 per month, I advise you to read the topic carefully and contemplate and understand how people profit from the Internet by publishing videos on the YouTube platform, the lesson may be a little long because it will carry with it secrets, laws, policies and plans And strategies for profit from YouTube 2022.

In this topic we will share with you:

  • Youtube earning terms.
  • Earning from google adsense.
  • Profit from selling products.
  • Profit from advertisements.
  • Additional services to increase profit on YouTube.
  • How do I earn more than $1,000 a month from YouTube
  • Youtube work requirements
  • Profit from YouTube in detail.

Youtube earning terms

Profiting from YouTube is like profit from blogs, except that each platform has conditions and laws, but they agree on one methodology and one strategy, and similar companies, especially Google Adsense, and the conditions for profit from YouTube do not deviate from two basic conditions for achieving income in Google Adsense, but for profit from various ways There are no conditions, but care must be taken not to block the channel completely due to violations.

Of course, I will share with you a comprehensive encyclopedia about everything related to YouTube from A to Z, so I will divide the work in one article to know all the details if you are interested in profit from YouTube.

Earning from Google Adsense

Profiting from Google Adsense is one of the best ways to profit from YouTube videos, and it is the most common method among YouTubers, and it is on which any YouTuber builds his work in order to profit from the Internet, so you find many questions about the laws of accepting Adsense YouTube videos, and what are the conditions in order not to His work goes to waste.

In order to profit from Google Adsense through YouTube, you need terms and laws that you must not deviate from, and these conditions are as follows:

1 . Create a YouTube channel

To create the channel in YouTube you need a Gmail account, then you create a new account in the channel with a logo, cover and name, of course the name plays a very big role because it is the name of the channel that people will search for, for example like the frichi pro channel, I became known by this name and also by the channel logo.

What do you need to create a full channel?

  • Gmail account.
  •  Cover Design.
  • designing a logo.
  • Proof of ownership by phone number.
  • Channel name is professional.
  • Upload one video to the channel.

If before you think about profit from Google Adsense, you must meet these conditions first, then the second stage comes.

2 . Terms of accepting content on YouTube

content must be completely in violation of the policy of Google Adsense and YouTube, meaning you must publish videos in the channel, and these videos must be free of copyright, in other words, you must create videos of your own making, and it does not matter that they appear in the video or you speak.

If Google Adsense will not display its ads in a channel that publishes content that contains other people's videos or videos that have no added value, you must be careful not to add other people videos, songs and music to your videos.

What is meant by exclusive content, which is content that is devoid of other people's videos and music, also applies to publishing live broadcasts of paid matches in channels, as well as publishing cartoons, films that are not allowed to be published, and even porn.

3 . Collect 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers

One of the most important conditions for profit from YouTube is to collect 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in less than 12 months, and this is the only somewhat complicated condition for profit from YouTube, of course in order to achieve 4000 hours of success you need real views and the same thing with subscribers.

YouTube has set an important condition after the type of content, which is to achieve 4000 hours of views and also 1000 subscribers, and whenever you reach this number, you can send a review request in Google Adsense, which is divided into three sections, which are as follows:

first stage: Create an AdSense account if you do not have it, and you must provide correct information about yourself as it is in the identity card.

second stage: It is to review your AdSense account, is it a new account, do you have two accounts, or do you have violations in YouTube... .

third stage: If the AdSense account is approved, the content review stage comes, as we mentioned to you in the first if the content has property rights or violations of the forum guidelines and the laws of Adsense and YouTube will not be approved, this last stage is the most important stages in the beginning of profit from YouTube.

Quite simply, this is the way that you can earn from YouTube through Google Adsense ads, and as you know this method is among the most popular ways on the YouTube platform that people search for a lot, and we will come with a large number of information about payment methods and what banks are allowed in the last And many more information.

Profit from selling products

There are many ways to sell products in the virtual world, especially the year 2022, and the products may be your own, or the products of others, whether ordinary people or companies and institutions.

How to earn from selling products on YouTube? In order to sell the product, you have to make a video that talks about the features of that product with all the details, and then tell people in order to buy the product, they must go to the video description and enter the link to the product purchase site, and here are 4 ways to profit from these products, which are as follows:

1. Profit from Affiliate

Profiting from the affiliate program is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet and earn hundreds of dollars per month. The process of profit from it is the advertising of the product, but this product is not for you, but for a company such as Amazon or Ali Express or Jumia also Bancode and many similar companies.

How is the process of earning money from the YouTube affiliate service? You simply talk with the owner of the product and about the price of the product and how much you will profit from this product in the case of anyone who bought that product, here you agree on a percentage of the profit and we say, for example, the price of the product is 25 dollars, and anyone will buy this product through your referral link, You earn 15% of the product's profits.

2 . Profit from selling your products

The process of selling your products is the opposite of the process of profit from the affiliate. This process is considered advertising for the products you own in your store. The profit process is that anyone who enters the site will find a large number of products, and anyone who buys from your site, you are the one who will send him the commodity while taking the money directly from the site to Your bank account.

To profit from selling products, you need a website in the form of an electronic market, because the site provides you with the service of showing the product image, the price of the product, and a tool for choosing the number of products. You will find visitors moving from page to page and may buy more than three items.

process that they use to profit from dropshipping through YouTube, which is to promote other people’s products without the knowledge of the buyer and the owner of the product, meaning you will create a site to sell products, and these products do not have them in your store, but are located on Amazon or Ali Express ..., and you are only satisfied Put a picture and description of the product on your site as it is on Amazon with an increase in prices.

YouTube is a reason to profit from these methods because YouTube is a strong source of traffic to profit from the Internet, and this is one of the ways to profit from YouTube without ads.

4 . Selling Youtube Supported Products

There are services that are not supported in many countries and are limited only to certain countries such as America, and some countries do not explain them because they do not know that this service already exists, and this will be an opportunity to get to know it because you are looking for profit from YouTube.

Products Youtube: This service is involved in selling products that start at $50 and reach $7,500 per product, but it is not supported in  countries and many foreign countries as well. More than $7,500 per month.

Teespring: This service is easy and money can be made on YouTube, provided that you are a monetizer in Adsense if my memory does not fail me, and the science is that you subscribe to the site through YouTube and design logos in cups, shirts and gags, and then display them for sale on YouTube.

You can find this service in the monetization section of YouTube.

Earning from advertisements

Profiting from advertisements is one of the best and most powerful ways to earn hundreds of dollars per day from YouTube. When we say profit from advertisements, it does not mean that you will profit from Google Adsense advertisements, but rather you will profit from advertising companies, products, programs and applications on YouTube and taking from them very large sums that range from $150 to $7,000 or more from one video.

How do they earn from advertising? The profit from advertisements is that you enter into an agreement with a company or institution to make advertisements for it in return, and the service is according to the agreement, both in minutes and also in amount and according to the level of the channel and its interaction.

If the channel is interactive and the number of subscribers, for example, is more than 100 thousand subscribers, this is what you should do:

- If you want to promote companies with a full video, ask between 500 to 2000 dollars, depending on the interaction of people with you.

- If you want to promote companies with a video of only 60 minutes in the middle of the videos, the price is between 300 to 1000 dollars, depending on the interaction of people with you.

This is just an example about companies advertising in videos, there are channels that demand in months more than 7000 dollars per video.

Additional services to increase profit on YouTube

There are additional services that are gradually entering YouTube, from which you can only earn income from Google Adsense, meaning if you are not eligible to profit from Adsense, you are not eligible to profit from these services.

There are three services that you can profit from and that have nothing to do with the ads that appear in the videos, which are the profit from Super Chat, Super Tanks and also affiliation, and each of them has a service and a law that you should not leave, and it is difficult to profit from them because this matter you cannot control.

Profit from the Super Chat and Super Tanks service. The affiliation also consists of presenting you with a material gift from the subscribers.

1 . Profit from super chat

Profit from Super Chat depends on the live broadcast only, meaning you will do the live broadcast when you are qualified, of course, and the dollar icon appears at the bottom in front of the comments in the live broadcast, when anyone clicks on it, anyone opens the door for support through the bank account, and here the matter remains For subscribers and followers, do you offer money through Subter Chat, or do you just watch

You did the live broadcast for free, but in fact people should pay you money because you provide them with all their requirements, but YouTube does not impose on the followers to pay amounts to the content makers, but rather opens the door to providing a financial gift through Super Chat, and of course YouTube takes a percentage of profits.

2 . Profit from affiliate

Affiliation, we say, is similar to a Super Chat service in terms of providing a financial gift, but this time a service in return and not for free, meaning that you will provide a service to followers in return for a monthly fee.

There are followers who want to attend the live broadcast, there are followers who want to be informed of new videos before people watch them, there are followers who want to communicate with them on social sites to solve problems, and there are many services that you personally provide, but how will followers benefit from their requirements

In order for your followers to benefit from the services you provide to them, you must pay an amount according to the conditions that you set, and it is provided in the affiliate service.

3 . Profit from Super Tanks "Thanks"

process of profit from “Thanks” does not require you to have experience or anything, you just activate it in the channel and it will be shown to people in all videos, and anyone who will click on it will open a money box for the owner of this channel, and it is considered a gift by the viewer worth Financial, this gift may be worth $2, $10, $100 depending on the followers.

How do I earn more than $2,000 a month from YouTube

Many beginners and even professional YouTubers are looking for the best strategy to profit from YouTube and make thousands of dollars per month. In fact, if you understand what YouTube needs, you will understand how you will earn thousands of dollars per month.

secret behind profiting from YouTube is not limited to creating the channel and downloading the videos and the story is over, but YouTube needs you to apply all or some of the YouTube standards in order to achieve your dreams in the internet world, and YouTube tells you that you deal with people around the world, so you should look for Ways to profit with people, not robots.

In order to make money from YouTube, whether from ads, products, or advertisements, you must raise an interactive audience interested in the content you publish, and also must rely on YouTube SEO standards in all aspects such as: tags, exciting titles, attractive image, And exclusive videos, introducing the new, trending videos.

If you use all these tips from A to Z, you are qualified to profit from Adsense, profit from trade and profit from affiliates, because YouTube has become a strong traffic source because you use all SEO standards and also because you provide all the requirements for followers, for this you must take care of followers and provide them with all requirements, And do not forget to share the video on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other sites that are included in Social Media.

secret behind profiting from YouTube is to build an interactive audience interested in the content that you provide, and the more you provide the followers with their needs, you will succeed and you will have many followers, and with it you can earn thousands of dollars per month from AdSense and also from the other services that I mentioned to you in the first.

Secondly, patience, persistence, determination, trust in God and not to fail. If this strength gathers in you, you will succeed because continuous work is combined with a successful strategy that yields fruit in the future.

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