How to profit from YouTube 2022 (conditions for profit from YouTube)

How to profit from YouTube 2022 (conditions for profit from YouTube)

earn from youtube

Profiting from YouTube in our time, is among the projects that occupy the minds of the youth of this era, especially those who want to double their monthly income as well, even the unemployed and want a stable monthly.

But the truth that all beginners are looking for in profit from YouTube: Is profit from the Internet really fact or fiction? Is it really possible for a beginner in YouTube to make dollars a month? What are the best ways to profit from YouTube? What are the equipment, capabilities and information that I must have so that I can profit from the Internet.

All these questions that you asked, we will answer in this article on the Profit from the Internet website entitled: "How to profit from YouTube 2022". We will also provide you with sites, tips and information so that you can understand how to work in the YouTube platform from A to Z.

My follower brother, the word “profit from the Internet” we did not hear before when the Internet appeared, and the virtual world was only communicating with others, consuming time, searching for assignments, exams and games, but after the development of the virtual world and the beginning of the sentence of profit from the Internet, the big one turned to it And small from all over the world.

That is why we will share with you a section among a large number of sections that you can profit from as a beginner in the field of profit from the Internet, of course I will share with you my experience that started from 2014 to 2022 on the YouTube platform, which is one of the best and easiest ways currently to profit from the Internet.

Today topic will not only be limited to profit from YouTube, but we will share with you on our hosting frichi all the information and details from all angles, we want to introduce you to a comprehensive topic with accurate details.

Note: In this topic, I will share with you links to each article that may benefit you in your work on YouTube. Our goal is to make you a beneficiary and your bag is full of information about profit from YouTube.

how to earn from youtube

Profiting from YouTube is the last thing you should think about now as a beginner in the Internet, the reason is because you must learn all the rules, policies, ideas and all the information you need such as equipment and ideas.

That is why you will read the site well without complacency to know how we began to discover the profit from YouTube, how I equipped the studio with the required equipment, and what mistakes I made in the beginning. You must guard against them and follow the steps that made us actually achieve between 800 and 1000 dollars per month only from YouTube.

Advice before you start and I apologize for the length. If you really want to work on YouTube and earn thousands of dollars per month, you must be straight in your work without fear, do not hesitate or be complacent. and the earth.

Why profit from YouTube?

I will present to you in this topic entitled “Why do you profit from YouTube” to get to know the YouTube platform well, and why you have to work on this platform, you will work on YouTube, at least you must know the history and information about it before starting work.

Google YouTube occupies the second place globally among social sites in the virtual world, in terms of interaction and activity from monthly users, and this arrangement is one of the reasons why large investors promote products and businesses on YouTube, request certain services and many promotions in various fields.

If YouTube has become a platform targeted by large investors, you will have a chance to profit from YouTube, and make thousands of dollars per month, without having a job and without vacations. All you have to do is open a new account on YouTube for free and at no cost, follow the tips that we will give you, and start the stage of work and the search for profit.

YouTube stated in its last conference that it has more than 2 billion monthly active users globally, and this huge number does not include only the people who own their account on the YouTube platform, but there are millions of people around the world in various languages ​​interacting on YouTube without having an account, or In other words, people who have not fully registered themselves on YouTube.

You should know, my follower brother, that the YouTube company is constantly downloading new strategies to help the YouTuber profit from their channels more.

For example: Profit from Super Chat, profit from affiliation, Super Tank, product promotion, selling products on YouTube, the possibility of distributing ads within videos that exceed 8 minutes and a long list.

Why profit from YouTube?

1. Profiting from YouTube does not require you to have experience or certificates.

2. You do not need any capital.

3. Just submit everything you own. YouTube is free.

4. A platform targeted by investors.

5. It has an audience of millions.

6. A platform to promote projects, products and services.

7. Profiting from it makes you live a decent life.

8. Most people in our time tend to watch videos, due to the clarification and approximation of the lesson that the viewer is looking for.

But to be frank with you, there is no room that does not require patience, continuity and work. You in YouTube have to work and learn from the mistakes of others and be patient in order to overcome all penalties. Be sure that YouTube will enrich you if you really apply what we will discuss in this article.

Youtube earning terms

In order to profit from YouTube or work on YouTube, you need to respect the terms of profit from YouTube, yes we know that it is free and you can profit and it is among the easiest ways to profit from the Internet and the story is long, but without maintaining the conditions you cannot succeed in YouTube.

The conditions for profit from YouTube are not difficult, except for those who find it difficult for themselves, because as long as he will work on YouTube in a proper manner and without deception, deception and deception, he will be successful and will achieve hundreds of profits per month from behind this success.

That is why we will share with you all the conditions for profit from YouTube.

Create a channel with a special idea

The idea before creating the channel is the right thing to do in the success of your channel on the YouTube platform and the most important condition of YouTube, if you do not implement these ideas in a proper, thoughtful and planned manner, then you will lose your YouTube business.

I present to you a more illustrative example: a person with talent in the field of Vlogs, you will find the owner of the channel obsessed with travel and interested in it very much, and his dream is to continue working to reach places that no one has reached before, and all this is to offer you the new and rare on his channel.

The story of this YouTuber in the flukes is like all other fields, whether in the field of profit from the Internet, the field of cooking, the field of sports, the field of cars and animals...etc.

So the first thing before you start a YouTube project, you must have an idea about the type of content you want to provide, and the more confident you are about the content you provide, the more creative and innovative you are in your work, and this increases in subscribers and also in profits.

Will I find the audience that will follow my YouTube channel?

This question feels as if it is full of despair, pressure and mistrust, and this question is the first reason for your failure to succeed in the channel and not to achieve satisfactory results, so what you must do is to follow the tips that we will provide to you in order to build a target audience and benefit from it from all profitable methods in YouTube, They are as follows:

1. Relying on keywords: There are many ways to take advantage of the keywords that people search for in the search engines YouTube and Google, and among them and the best of them is Google AdWords, which you benefit from from two sides, the first being the most searched words, also the words that advertisers provide larger amounts.

There are also some free and paid services such as soovle, rapidtags...etc.

Keyword summary, which is to rely on the words that people write in search engines and search for them in the same field as your field.

2. Spying on channels similar to the content you provide is the one you want to work on, try in YouTube to search for channels that are similar to your content, do they have a request from people, is there interaction from subscribers, does it provide profits or vice versa.

The idea should not be limited only to profit and interaction, but you should monitor the date of the channel’s creation, the method of filming the videos, the behavior and treatment of the owner of the successful channel, how is his language and speech, the place of filming, how he uses the lights, what sound quality he uses, watch it from All aspects to come out with a successful result.

3. Rely on the image and title in the videos. If you are really looking for how to profit from YouTube 2022, you should choose effective stimulating titles with a complementary image to increase a stronger impetus in order to convince people to enter the video.

Not only do we stand on the image and the title, but we must also rely on the description of the video in a post full of tags, also tags that are inside the TAG related to the content.

Also, you should take care of 15 seconds at the beginning of each video, because the beginning of the video is the most important thing you should do in YouTube. Do you know what it means to convince the viewer to watch the video from the first to the last? I mean, you make the video 100% unchallenged, and this is what you must learn to convince them, my novice brother.

So in order to find the audience, he relied on these tips that were mentioned with patience and research, and after fulfilling these conditions and, God willing, building a loyal following of the channel, the stage of profit from YouTube comes.

Youtube Equipment

A channel without equipment is like a house without pillars, and the equipment varies from field to field, and from person to person, and we do not say that you should start with expensive equipment, but put in your path that you must provide this expensive equipment one day.

YouTube equipment as a beginner in the world of profit from the Internet, which are:

  • The camera of the phone is of average quality.
  • A medium-quality microphone and its price often does not exceed $ 20, or you use the default phone microphone.
  • Soft box lighting with cardboard or LED type, the price of which does not exceed 20 dollars.
  • A computer or smartphone of average quality.
  • Editing program or application.
  • Photo editing program or application.

This is the equipment that can be started as a beginner in the world of YouTube, and the more you develop in the equipment, the more the channel will develop because in the year 2022 people are starting to get used to the high quality of the videos.

Conditions for starting profit on YouTube

The conditions for profit from YouTube are necessary in order to make a profit, meaning if you have equipment and all the requirements, but you do not have the conditions for profit, you only provide free content or you have special reasons and ways to profit without ads appearing on YouTube.

The conditions for starting to earn from YouTube are as follows:

  • 4000 real watch hours.
  • 1000 subscribers in real in the channel.
  • Proof of channel ownership by phone number.
  • Two-step verification of channel ownership.
  • Create an Adsense account with your personal information.
  • Proof of ownership of Adsense with ID card.
  • Non-infringing and non-spoiled content (exclusive content).
  • You do not have three alarms in the channel.
  • Channel cover and logo.

Why did YouTube put these terms?

Before 2018, there were no strict conditions as they are now, but after many channels started creating channels, committing violations, locking and opening another account, YouTube was forced to change the laws by adding 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours to make a profit from YouTube.

YouTube did not stop with these conditions only, but also wanted you to prove your AdSense identity and prove ownership of YouTube and AdSense, and also add two steps to avoid fraud, provide exclusive content and not commit many violations.

This law is really difficult but it is a must to know the serious and not serious people.

My advice to you from the heart, if you really want to make money from YouTube, you should provide new content, and focus more on making your videos of high quality, to build a larger follower base.

Dear reader, dear reader, do not focus at the beginning of your journey on profit from YouTube, as much as you focus on producing high-quality videos that offer the viewer something new, if this is the case, know that the profit will double one day, and it will open many other doors for you to profit from the Internet.

Terms that you should not deviate from, and you can read all the policies and laws of Google in YouTube and Adsense from here "YouTube Forum Guidelines".

Youtube earning skills

After we have known all the requirements that you need to profit from YouTube, a very important stage will come with us for the success of the channel, so we want you to have a little patience because I will share with you tips that we did not learn until after more than three years on YouTube, and for this we will summarize them for you in Less than 5 minutes.

YouTube is not a PlayStation or Xbox game, YouTube is a future project from which you will earn thousands of dollars per month. YouTube has opened the door for you to profit from the Internet, which makes you live a decent life, so you must be armed with all the requirements to achieve your dream in the virtual world.

1. The skill of speaking and appearing

Speaking in the video in front of the camera and knowing that there are people who will watch you is difficult and needs a process of repetition in speaking and appearing in front of people in order to get out of this fear.

When we started on YouTube, we were ashamed to show our faces on YouTube, the reason is because we do not know what our destiny is in the virtual world, will we succeed or fail, and this point alone makes you not appear, but at the same time we talk without appearing in the videos and we have mastered the talk.

If you want to succeed more and have more audience and more fame, learn the skills of speaking with appearance, because people like to watch the person speaking in their face.

Do not be afraid, it is very easy and only needs one thing from you, which is to repeat the process over and over again, then on your own you will learn without reading any book or learning from any teacher, and it does not matter your academic level as long as you know your way.

2. Montage skills

We all watch YouTube videos, we watch cultural videos, educational videos, artistic videos...etc, but some of them make us live with the story until the last second, and some of them do not last longer than 2 minutes. So what is the reason?

The reason is due to the poor quality of the video, and due to the lack of mastery in editing skills, as you have filmed many places on your travels, but you do not know how to format them, and how to combine them with another video without affecting the viewer.

Montage is included in the skills of profit from YouTube, the reason is because it makes people live those moments that you photograph, and for this you must choose the appropriate montage program for your work, because it will give you a touch in the videos.

3. Photo editing skills

Do you know my beloved brother that the image is recommended by YouTube SEO experts, because images have a very big role in the success of the video on YouTube, and if you are really looking for how to profit from YouTube, learn how to design a professional image with a mythical title, and you will find unexpected results.

We are not saying that you must master the Photoshop program to be a professional in photos, but there are many programs, including photoscape X.

We all swim in the world of YouTube and find many videos on the home page, and we say we found 15 videos, but one video affected us and made us enter against ourselves to watch the video, this is what is called professionalism in the design of the thumbnail.

So, to be skilled in designing images, this means that you will win views, subscribers, and also profit from YouTube.

4. Title skills

The title or we call it a companion thumbnail. In the title, as the SEO experts mentioned, you should rely on it 100%, because if the title contains a keyword, especially on it, you will receive people from YouTube search engines and also from Google engines.

The title in YouTube is not the same as any title, not the title of the book, not the title of the neighborhood, but a title that carries with it several meanings that make the viewer enter the video.

Yes, one of the most difficult things in YouTube after the image is the title, because the title must contain an accompanying keyword with stimulating and exciting words to attract people.

For example: If we say there are two people who will talk about profit from YouTube:

The first: He will write “How to earn from YouTube more than 50 dollars per day.”

The second will write: "Profit from YouTube".

Who do you think will attract people? Of course the answer is to add a $50 keyword.

This is an illustrative example of a title with a keyword accompanied by a catchphrase that grabs the attention of YouTube users or YouTube surfers.

5. News Skills

Did you know that the most people to watch and achieve fame are the ones who present the exclusive news on her channel, did you know that people are looking for the exclusive good, especially the one who is the talk of the hour? So you must be skilled in revealing exclusive news according to the field you are working on.

News like viruses, which is called viral, also has a name in YouTube called trending videos, you must be skilled in searching for the new required in the market, and the more you search for exclusive topics, the closer you will be to success.

Here you will ask: How do I find exclusive topics? The answer here will depend on the type of content that you provide, we say that you provide the content of technologies and information and profit from the Internet.

As an experience from me personally, I save foreign channels in my favorites, which provide news of technology, informatics and profit, I also search for sites that publish technical news, and here I can benefit from new news and publish it in English, and you can also enter the official websites such as Google and YouTube to see the new. ..etc.

6. Video Marketing Skills

When you start on YouTube, the first thing that starts running in your mind is how I will promote the video, how can I attract people to watch the video and many questions that come to most beginners in YouTube.

So for video marketing in the virtual world, you need a place where there are many people, and the right place is social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums ... etc.

You can promote the videos for free on social sites or also in return through advertising campaigns, and it is preferable to promote the video on Facebook for several reasons, which are as follows:

1- YouTube does not accept hours that come from Google Ads campaigns.

2- Facebook relies a lot on the feature of re-sharing with others.

3- The more interaction there is, the more successful the result will be, with the possibility of reducing the campaign price.

4- You can increase subscribers and hours from Facebook.

5- Facebook is the most interactive platform.

6- You can keep the same audience that you attracted in the first campaign.

7- The cost of the campaign is cheaper than Google Ads.

7. Channel organization skills

The success of the channel is not limited to the keywords, the image, the title and the type of content. These basics, or we say a necessary weapon in battles, but management and organization are very important in the success of the YouTube channel, because when you have followers, you must present them with a program for the channel from A to Z.

Organizing the channel is one of the best things that you should do after you build a following audience. The audience needs to know the time of publishing the video, not in terms of the day and the hour, because there are fans who love watching your videos and getting to know what’s new.

For example: you have content for flasks and travel a lot and shoot many areas, you know that the ability to publish videos is one video per week, so you must know what is the appropriate time of the week to publish this video.

As a successful YouTuber, I will make the follower wait for the promised day to publish the video, and we say, for example, that I publish the video on Thursday at 20:00 pm, this timing should not change because the followers are keen on this day and this timing.

How much does youtube pay for 1000 views?

How much do we earn from YouTube, a question that many beginners in YouTube constantly ask in comments, and of course the answer varies from person to person and this makes the questioner not to stop until he finds what satisfies him, the reason is because he does not find a unified answer from the content makers, and for this I want to explain to you How much do we earn from YouTube or say how much do we earn from every thousand views on YouTube.

Profiting from YouTube varies from country to country, from content to content, and from person to person. It is not possible to find content creators agreeing on one price completely, and this is due to several things that I must mention to you to stop such questions.

When you create a YouTube channel, you do not know what will happen to your success in profit from the Internet, but when you progress and reach the conditions for making a profit, the stage begins: Why are the profits so small on YouTube, and why do I not earn a lot of money? Is it just me or everyone? Many questions arise at this stage.

Google has sophisticated robots that have become familiar with the requirements of people in the search engines Google and YouTube, and they have also become familiar with the type of content that is presented in the channel, so sometimes when you enter to watch a video or a site, you find that the ads are appropriate for what you are looking for, also the advertisement is consistent with The type of content you watch or read.

Get to know your earnings on YouTube

In order to know your earnings on YouTube, you must enter the channel and then to the YouTube studio, then you will go directly to the statistics and then to the profits, you will find the earnings per thousand views, but do not pay attention to them, but you must choose the day on which the profits were achieved And it monitors how much was calculated for every thousand views.

Get to know your earnings on YouTube

In order to know your earnings on YouTube, you must enter the channel and then to the YouTube studio, then you will go directly to the statistics and then to the profits, you will find the earnings per thousand views, but do not pay attention to them, but you must choose the day on which the profits were achieved And it monitors how much was calculated for every thousand views.

 My profit for every thousand views on Saturday was $1.60, and the viewership was 25000, so how will I know about the profits on Saturday?

The process is very easy and it is as follows: I will multiply $1.60 by 25,000 views = $40.

Youtube earning site

Have you ever wondered, how much do people who work on YouTube earn? Is there really a way to detect the profits of the channels?

I will offer you a free site to know the profits of YouTube by 5%, according to my conviction of the site, but the site provides some statistics that are approximate and not one hundred percent correct, and sometimes it exaggerates the percentage of profits, and one of the mistakes that the site makes is that an unrealized channel is calculated by those who He earns from 80 to 100 US dollars.

The site that we will present to you actually provides the number of subscribers and views statistics, the date the channel was created, and the number of videos in the channel. But the percentage of profits is incorrect one hundred percent.

You will ask me: Why do you share this information with us about the site and consider it inaccurate in the YouTube earnings statement?

Answer: Because many beginners are looking for sites to reveal channel profits, I touched on this topic to explain to people that you cannot reveal your profits through sites, because we are in the time of revealing facts and exposing lies.

In general, we will present to you the most famous of these sites, but in order to know how many views the channel has achieved, how many videos in the channel, and the date of the beginning of the channel, as for YouTube's earnings, do not believe it.

How to rank YouTube search results

Your success story on YouTube is not from the aspect of fame and profit, and it produces good results on YouTube, because if you do not know how to produce good results on YouTube, know that you will not be famous, and you will not earn a single cent, so you must learn the YouTube SEO standards.

What should I rely on for the success of the video on YouTube and ranking well in the search engines?

  • Depend on watch time.
  • Depend on click rate (CTR).
  • Rely on interaction with the video.
  • Rely on the video title.
  • Rely on the video description.
  • Rely on descriptive tags.
  • Rely on the thumbnail.
  • Rely on playlists.
  • Rely on backlinks for videos.

What is meant by YouTube SEO, or what is called the term "Search Engine Optimization", is that your video tops the first or first page in the search engines YouTube, Google or other search engines.

In other words, when you write in the search engines Google or YouTube "How to profit from YouTube 2022" you find the topic or video in the first order, or we say in the first results, this topic or video meets all the SEO criteria.

So, the bottom line of the topic is that if the video meets all SEO standards, the video will be ranked first, and this is what makes the channel more successful and has more subscribers, and achieves conditions in a very short time.

SEO is: adjusting your content so that it is ready to appear in the first results when searching using certain keywords.

Each search engine depends on several factors in order to search its database, and based on these factors, it arranges the results in order to give the user the best possible results that suit him.

How does YouTube filter videos?

1. Watch Time

Watching time is very important in the success of videos on YouTube, because the longer the viewer watched, the greater the opportunity for the video to reach a large number of people around the world, especially those interested.

So you have to convince the viewer to watch the video more, and this is in your interest if you studied YouTube SEO standards, and YouTube experts said that you should provide what you have in the first 15 seconds in the video, because it is the secret behind persuading the follower to sit and watch for a while Larger.

For example, if the video time is 10 minutes and on average only 4 minutes of the video are watched... then the watch time is 4 minutes and the percentage is 40%, the longer the viewing time, the more you are number one among the videos that talk about the same topic.

2. Click Rate (CTR)

Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of clicks a video gets out of the total number of impressions it gets.

For example, we say that YouTube recommended certain videos on the home page and you are among them, and the video appeared to 100 people, and 40 of these 100 people clicked on the video to watch it, so the click rate for this video will be 40%.

And if we say, for example, to clarify the idea more, that there are 1000 people searching for keywords that are found in one of your videos, and your video’s ranking is in the tenth rank, but 1000 people who search for this keyword clicked on the video and got a high click rate, this will give YouTube denotes moving the video to a higher ranking.

3. Engagement with the video

Interaction gives the video a strong impetus, ranking first in YouTube, and interaction is included in admiration, whether he likes or dislikes the video. Comments also help increase interactions in the video, and this feature is not found in channels dedicated to children.

The video that attracts new subscribers on YouTube also helps to increase the ranking of the video on YouTube, which is why you often find content creators asking you to like and also comments because they are the reason for the video to reach a very large number of people.

That is why you, as a content maker, try as much as possible to make the video more and more interactive.

There is a method used by content makers to increase the interaction in the video, which is as follows: Followers tell us if you want to publish to you the secret behind the profit from YouTube 2022, you must deliver the video to 3000 likes and leave us a comment.

People are really looking for how to profit from YouTube, so you will find them directly like the video and leave a comment to convince the content creator to publish the video directly in the channel.

4. Video Title

The title of the video in YouTube, as we mentioned to you in the first title (title skills), you must rely on it 100% for the success of the videos, and among the most important things that YouTube algorithms depend on is the title because it provides a title to understand the type of content you are talking about, and this helps YouTube in filtering the video For those interested in the same topic.

The title is very important from several aspects. First, the title is number one in YouTube SEO standards, because the title carries with it several things related to YouTube bots, also to viewers, which are as follows:

  • Bots understand the type of content by title and put you in the right section.
  • Bots, when they understand the title, will suggest you to a large number of YouTubers who are interested in the same content.
  • The title plays a very big role in attracting people to watch the videos (it must be stimulating and exciting).
  • The title carries with it keywords that people search for in YouTube engines.

If you combine excitement and keywords with suggesting a video to people, you will increase views, subscribers, and profits.

5. Video Description

The description of the video is very important in the search engines YouTube and also Google. If you behave well, only 30% depends on the success of the channel, but if you know how to choose the keywords and write them in the form of a professional article, you will also win visits from Google search engines.

One of the features of the description is that it provides an additional idea that helps YouTube’s algorithms understand the content of the video itself, by reviewing its file in addition to analyzing the title and description.

Writing articles in the YouTube description does not have to be random, it should be with the keywords that your video is targeting.

6. Meta tags

Descriptive tags or called TAGs are: words or phrases that you can add in all videos on the TAG box, and this helps YouTube understand the content of the video more, but it does not depend on it, such as the title and image.

Although experts said that this “TAG” add-on is only 20% reliable, it helps YouTube algorithms to understand YouTube content more.

But do not put a meta tag that has nothing to do with the content you provide, if you are talking about cooking, do not put tags about profit from the Internet, you must be honest in saying and also in writing, this increases your respect for them.

7. Thumbnail

The YouTube thumbnail is the torment for every content creator, because the image is very valuable in attracting people who are looking for the same content as yours.

Personally, as a YouTuber, I struggle with designing a thumbnail for the videos, and it takes me a very large amount of time and maybe even from editing, the reason is because we want to convince the viewer to enter to watch the video.

The thumbnail image, dear brothers, you must rely on it 100%, because it is a reason to convince people to enter, and if you put a thumbnail image that is not good, know that you will not attract people and thus the video will be downloaded to the bottom.

Your question about how to profit from YouTube 2022 is very easy, but its application is something that really requires effort.

8. Playlists

Playlists are one of the most important characteristics of YouTube channels, which owners of English channels often do not care about, but in fact playlists have a very big role in the success of the videos and even in taking the channel in the first place.

Playlists have a very important role in classifying videos that talk about comprehensive areas, or we say in one field, because many people when you publish YouTube lessons to them also profit lessons, smartphone lessons ... etc. You build a different audience in several areas, but when you You choose the playlist for her, you make it easier for them to choose the appropriate field for her.

Playlists also appear in the ratings when the playlists have a description with keywords, also the higher the videos in which they are found or the more people enter them, so I advise you to rely on them, as they have a major role in leading YouTube videos.

9. Get backlinks for videos

Backlinks are among the things that help the videos to be ranked in a good order, and not only that this arrangement belongs to YouTube, not even that they take a good rank in the Google search engines.

If you have a site that ranks higher, this will help the channel to promote it in Google’s ranking, and if you do not have a site or blog, you can talk to people in order to leave a comment or in the content your video in the form of embedding, and for this I advise you to share videos very widely on sites and forums.

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